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Loveleen & Vipul –  First-Time Home Buyer’s Journey

"Mir helped us finding our 'Dream Home'!"

We had landed in Canada (in) 2015, and yes, this is our first house in Canada. First-Time Home Buyers obviously have lots and lots of questions. You’re not sure about your budget, you’re not sure about your needs, we are (were) very much puzzled and we didn’t get any good guidance in the beginning. Before buying a House we were actually (were) looking for a person to guide (us), a friend and a guide who can basically walk us through the whole process, and Mir was just that person!

We had a meeting at his place (office), and right after first meeting, I knew this was the right person I’m looking for! He seemed very professional and very knowledgable about his field he did not tell us OK do this – No, he will(would) tell us if you do this this, this may happen, if you do this, this may happen; so he was very transparent. Whenever he used to say something even if I don’t have time to look at his documentation, even if I don’t have time to do the research, what exactly he saying, (I would agree) OK Mir is saying - that’s fine with me! We had a trust with him! If I am not wrong, we saw about 70 properties before finalizing this one. We were insane with Mir. I should rather complement him. We would just call and say hello Mir open house today - we just went and we like the house OK OK OK OK hold on I’m coming in half an hour! Can anyone expect this much from his realtor? I don’t know what the others’ answer is, but for me, it’s definitely yes!

Home means everything it’s very you can be yourself, it’s your private space, always paradise to me. Home is a place where you can make memories after your whole days work, you (just) want to come to a place where you are excited to come and where you are happy to be there!

There’s not one favourite thing (for me in this Home), there’s a lot of favourite things! The location is perfect, and it’s basically what we were looking for. It’s everything is there it’s kind of accommodation we need from the House, the people are super friendly here, the location is perfect!

I love my kitchen area, that is the place where I would stand early morning till I go to sleep. Whatever we cook, how much time I take, I never feel like I’m tired, I don’t want to be here - it’s always exciting! My favorite room is my study, because I spend most of my time there!

Of course, I would recommend Mir to others! He’s very knowledgeable person.

He’s a good choice of course, I would definitely recommend him to others - he’s like an ocean of Knowledge. Before I even open my mouth for something, I know that he knows the answer. Once you deal with him, he’s more like a family member. (And) Once you’re done with the dealing (buying your Home), you will start to miss someone in the family because now the deal is done! You will actually search for reasons to call him!

He has a good team - he has a good mortgage expert, with him he’s very professional, he’s very passionate about his job and he’s very ethical as well.

Thank you Mir, without you this journey wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for always being there. Thank you so much.


- Loveleen & Vipul


Zain - Home Seller's Journey



- Zain


Hassan - First-Time Home Buyer's Journey


- Hassan
Hitesh & Deepika - Home Seller's Journey


“Showed Us How We Could Get Maximum Money Out Of That Place … And That’s What Happened!”

Mir told me, “I can sell your house for this much” and he pretty much came close to that price. Mir got me over one hundred (thousand) over the previous agent. Whatever was the going price in the area, we kept to the maximum so we could get maximum money out of that place. And that’s what happened!

What Mir did was he spent his money to uplift my make my place look way better. There was some touch up work to be done and he got a painter to touch those things up. We did the painting to make the house look brighter when people came in. He got the carpet cleaners out and the carpenter came to fix some things. He got a pressure washer guy to clean the out-side. We did the staging for the inside. Then, Mir took pictures of all the rooms and we put our house on the market.

With Mir, there was always people coming in to look at the house. There were so many Showings in a month that I didn’t even get within six months (of using the previous real estate agent). That’s what I think got my house sold.

Mir gave us his opinions on how much our house would sell for. He said, “These people want it for only this much, so we should wait. There will be other people coming.” And that’s what we did. That’s what made Mir different. Other realtors wanted a quick sale and be done and go on to the next one.

I would give Mir “5 Stars.” He will be our realtor when we purchase our next house. I would recommend Mir to all my friends and family, because of the way he helped me set up my house and get it sold!”



- Hitesh & Deepika
S. Zhao - Home Investor's Journey


- S. Zhao
Connor  –  First-Time Home Buyer’s Journey

“He Definitely Had My Best Interests At Heart … So Happy About The Place I Got!”

One of the best things that really drew me in was just how honest Mir is.

I mean anyone who pays attention to real estate now hears a lot of negative things going on with realtors, how they’re doing shady business, or how they’re all self centered and just in it for a quick buck and all that.

But I really didn’t get that impression from Mir.

He spent the time to help me find a place I really wanted. It didn’t seem like he was pushing me or forcing my hand into any bad decisions. He definitely had my best interests at heart.

When we were first getting together, he did a good job learning what I wanted by asking what type of building I wanted to live in, the features I wanted in my place, the date of building, bedrooms, neighbourhood, etc.

From there, he compiled a list of open houses and places we could see. We narrowed it down and saw some places. He was really good around organizing his time and my time when we needed to go to these places. And obviously you have to go and look at a bunch before making your decision.

To this day, I’m so happy about the place I got.

I would definitely recommend Mir to my friends, family and coworkers, whoever needed a realtor. He did a really good job in helping me.



- Connor


Mr. & Mrs. Faquih's - Home Selling Journey


- Mr. & Mrs. Faquih
Ashish & Terena – Home Seller’s Journey


“Why We Chose Mir Above Other Agents … How He Exceeded Our Expectations!”

When we went to list our home, we were actually considering other agents at first because they were constantly knocking on our door.

But when it came to actually deciding between Mir and the other agents, we felt that this couple was not just being assertive, but they were being overly aggressive.

Besides having a calm confidence, Mir was also very friendly and a good listener. He took the time to listen to what we were saying., was a lot more approachable and open to trying new things.

We were selling our home when the foreign buyer tax kicked in – and we had the unfortunate situation where we had offer after offer fall through. That’s not a pleas-ant experience, but we were very pleased with the way Mir handled this tough situation. He made sure we knew what was happening at all times and helped us to man-age our expectations so we didn’t have the crazy emotional highs and lows. Mir just kept his cool, while keeping everything in check.

You could tell he was working just as hard, and was persistent but not pushy. He was candid with us – and we just knew Mir was going to fight for our cause - to make sure we got the best possible price for our house. And Mir delivered on that. I mean he exceeded our expectations.

If someone is looking to buy or sell a property, I would definitely recommend Mir quite highly. If you’re looking for someone who is easy to get along with, is earnest, is a real professional, knows what he’s doing and is going to go the extra mile, then I think Mir’s your guy.



- Ashish & Terena


Kris & Diana - Home Selling Journey


- Kris & Diana


Madi's & Brad's - First-Time Home Buyer's Journey


- Madi & Brad


Maggie's - First-Time Home Buyer's Journey


- Maggie
Rahim - Home Buyer's Journey


- Rahim
Al - Home Seller's Journey


“Knows How To Maximize Your Home For The Best Dollar…”

I was washing my car and Mir was driving by when he just stopped to introduced himself to me. He was asking questions about how I liked living in this community and living in this townhouse.

I could see he was a family man because he was with his wife and his son was in the backseat of the car. So, my very first instincts about Mir were good.

He wasn’t selling anything to me. Instead, he was the one asking the questions. And I noticed he was listening more than he was trying to sell me anything. I like that he has the ability to understand the customer. He has a polite demeanor—and he listens well.

Mir’s uniqueness is he’s a very straight forward character who doesn’t have an agenda. There’s no “bait and switch” in the way he approaches things. He is a person with integrity and honesty.

One of the things Mir helped us to understand is the fine print. A good realtor will help explain the fine print. I found that Mir has an extremely comprehensive knowledge on how to maximize your home for the best dollar – what needs to be done – from painting to cleaning to de-cluttering.

He brings this knowledge forward to make sure the customer understands and is benefiting because his goal is always to help get the top dollar.

I have recommended Mir to other people because I believe he understands real estate better than the average realtor. I think his knowledge is far more superior - and that puts him above the rest!


- Al
Ali - First-Time Home Buyer's Journey


- Ali


Laila - Home Selling Journey



- Laila